5 things you should consider before getting a betta fish

Pets make our lives brighter and better. They bring us joy and keep us company through and through. Animals are truly loyal companions and they deservedly earn our unconditional affection. When people talk about pets, most people immediately think of a dog or a cat. For kids and people with small places, hamsters are a great option. The most eccentric pet owners like parrots, snakes, and even insects! But among all the types of animal lovers out there, those with infinite patience and a love for all things calm know that fish make great pets. From all the fish in the sea, betta fish are some of the most popular pets, and here we go over a couple of things you should know before bringing home some of these cool little guys with you.

Betta tanks are an important investment

First and foremost, just like with any other pet, your beta fish need a place of their own in your home. A betta tank is an essential purchase before actually getting the fish. You need to make sure the tank has enough water capacity to hold the amount of fish you plan on having. Experts recommend at least 3 gallons per fish, so a standard 5-gallon tank is enough for a single betta fish. Make sure to make it comfy before bringing in your betta!

Betta fish will thrive with attention

All pets need your love and attention, but betta fish need just a little in comparison to the dedication you need to take care of a dog or a cat. Betta fish won’t eat your shoes or go through entire rolls of toilet paper. Just keep an eye on them, keep them fed, and have enough stimulating decorations in their tank to make sure they are happy. If you want to look for a tank for your fish, you can check this list of tanks for bettas.

Betta fish have a lot of character

Some people don’t believe that fish can have a personality just like a dog would. With bettas, this is truer than ever. You can definitely tell the difference between different fish together in a tank. If you decide to go for a bigger tank to have more than one fish, don’t be too surprised when you see them interacting and can tell them apart from their behavior alone.

Bettas are convenient and gorgeous

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